Real Places That Are Really Scary.

There are many places in the world that are said to be haunted or cursed. If you’re afraid of ghosts, don’t go to buildings that haven’t been built for decades. But there are some places on this planet that make even the most devout skeptics uneasy.

If you’ve seen the 2016 movie The Forest, you might already be familiar with Aokigahara Jukai. This sea of ​​trees, also known as “the sea of ​​trees”, lies on a bed of hardened lava at the edge of Mt. Fuji. Because of the fertile soil, the roots of the trees grow so long that they look like they are walking. However, it is not the unusual appearance of the trees that makes this forest famous, but the high number of suicides. The last recorded suicide number he had in 2003 was 105. The number of suicides has not declined since then, but police have stopped publishing figures to distinguish the area from suicides. The 2016 film is based on the myth that the forest is haunted by ghosts. The ghost is a Japanese spirit, probably due to the influence of old people who would have abandoned him there in the 19th century in a practice known as obasase. But the more likely scenario is that the high suicide rate is to blame for his two books, Tower of Waves. Seicho Matsumoto’s “Complete Manual of Suicide” published in the 1960s and Wataru Tsurumi’s “Complete Manual of Suicide” published in 1993. “Nami no Tou” is the story of a couple who committed suicide in the forest. Tsurumi book; however, this book describes the forest as an ideal place to meet its end, and details the best parts of the forest that should not be discovered.

There are several explanations for the suicide at Aokigahara Jukai, but no explanation as to why the dog was able to end his life by jumping off the bridge. But that’s exactly what appears to be happening at the Overton Bridge in West Dunbartonshire, Scotland. There are no records of the exact number of dogs that have jumped off the bridge, but it is said that there have been more than 50 since the 1950s. David Sands decided to investigate this phenomenon. Sands said it’s impossible for a dog to plan its own death. When he first observed the structure of the bridge and the path leading to it, he found that the dog would probably not notice the dangerous height until it was too late to stop the jump. Additionally, Sands narrowed down the possible triggers for the jump to the smell of Nelzlin. This scientific conclusion hasn’t stopped speculation about ghosts. However, only one infant was killed or injured on the bridge.

Isla de las Munecas (Doll Island) is a small island south of Mexico City with a disturbing past. Legend has it that the island’s caretaker, Don Julian Santana Barrera, found a girl drowning in a canal near the island. Although he was unable to save her girl, she supposedly found the girl’s doll floating in the canal and hung it in her tree as a memorial to her. For the next fifty years, he continued to search for the dolls and hung them all over the island. In 2001, he died in the same canal where the girl drowned. As with any unexplained event, stories emerged that the island was haunted by the girls spirit and some visitors claim that the dolls move their heads and whisper to them. Others doubt that the story of the girls drowning is true and speculate that Barrera has gone mad with the island`s loneliness. Today,

When looking at images of Mt. Everest like the one above, the adjectives that most often come to mind are “beautiful” or “majestic.” The word “creepy” wouldn’t even be on the list. But what many people don’t know is that Mount Everest is littered with the corpses of failed climbers who tried to reach the summit. More than 250 people have died on Everest so far, mostly in an area known as the “death zone” above 26,000 feet. Clearing up these piles of corpses is expensive and dangerous. There have been attempts in recent years to remove bodies from at least the trail, two bodies in particular being nicknamed by other climbers who had to pass to complete their climbs. Some climbers make advance arrangements for body retrieval in case of possible death.

Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan’s Karakum Desert has been nicknamed the “gateway to hell” because it has been burning for nearly half a century. It all began in 1971 when a group of geologists began drilling what they thought was an oil field, but was actually a natural gas cavern that collapsed under the weight of the equipment. The result was a series of craters, the largest of which was 70 meters in diameter and 20 meters deep. The collapse released methane, killing nearby animals and creating an explosion hazard. Geologists expected the fire to burn up the gas within weeks, but they didn’t know how much gas was actually inside the crater. In 2010, the President of Turkmenistan announced his intention to fill the crater.

There are incredible places in this world. There are also mysterious places. But there are also places that are just plain creepy.