How The Hollywood Sign Became An Icon.

The Hollywood Sign in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, California is one of America’s most recognizable landmarks. Its bold white letters have dominated the city since its construction in 1923. Originally the sign said “Hollywoodland”. The city was built by developers Woodruff and Scholz to encourage the construction of new suburban neighborhoods, who thought its distinctive character would attract the wealthy. As if it were 50 feet. Letters alone aren’t enough, so the Crescent Sign Company that installed them placed over 4,000 light bulbs above the letters, reading “Holly,” “Wood,” “Country,” in sequence, until the entire sign flashed. bottom.

Believe it now, but this famous sign was believed to last only two years after completion. Since it was not intended for anything other than short-term advertising, sign makers did not use the sturdiest materials. But by his 1920s, when the “Golden Age of Hollywood” was in full swing, bright white lettering had become a media icon, merging the relatively small Hollywood district with the American entertainment industry itself.