Thrilling War Photos You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

When you think about war, it’s usually not in a good context. There are combats, shootings and all sorts of horrible existential crises that occur, but for the men and women who are in the military, not every day is a tough trip with heavy equipment and we have the visual proof. Soldiers during war love to cut loose so they can cut the tension out of their day to day lives.

Whether they’re hanging out with the locals or spending some quality alone time, these photos of men and women in service during WWI, WWI and Vietnam will show you the other side of conflict. If you want to see soldiers hanging out with kangaroo cubs, or what it was like to drink in an English shelter, then boy do we have the pictures for you! Grab your rations and check out these adorable photos. Enjoy!

Edith Steiner, a Jewish woman who survived the Holocaust, and John Mackay, the Scottish soldier who saved her. They were married on July 17, 1946 and will be celebrating their 73rd wedding anniversary this year!

A romance story for centuries, if there ever was one. After rescuing a group of Jewish survivors from Auschwitz, Allied troops organized a dance in a local hall that was attended by both soldiers and survivors. Among the participants were Edith, then known as Eci, and John Mackay. Though the two never met as he helped her out of the camp, they spent the night dancing.

While Edith was growing up in Hungary, she and John continued to see each other before marrying and building a life in Dundee, Scotland. In 2017 they celebrated 71 years together. 

An amazing photograph of a German soldier defying direct orders to help a young boy cross the newly formed Berlin Wall after being separated from his family, 1961

After World War II, Germany was a confusing patchwork of chaos and disorientation as it was divided into distinct zones occupied by the Soviets, Americans, British and French. Over the next decade, millions of Germans fled West Germany for a better life, and in 1961, the Soviets began tearing down a 100-mile-long barbed war wall inside East Berlin.

The Soviets were given specific orders not to let anyone through the wall once construction began, but amidst the chaos, this boy – who lived in East Germany – was trapped on the wrong side of the wall. When the border was closed, this soldier led the boy to a better life. The barbed wire wall was later built into a brick wall in 1963.

Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor Feeding An Orphaned Kitten. He adopted the kitten after the mother cat died during the war.

Source: Pinterest

War is hell and anything that can help keep your mind from going completely dark during everyday struggles should be embraced. During the Korean War, Praytor was serving as a combat correspondent in the 1st Marine Division, and while stationed in Korea, he took care of a kitten named “Mis Hap” to help pass the time.

After the photo was released, Praytor says he received fan mail from all over the world. In 2009, he said, “I got letters from girls all over the country who wanted to marry me.” His photography was featured in major publications and after some time back in the US, he returned to Korea where he wrote for Stars and Stripes. He also met with “Mis Hap”, who had taken a position in the Navy’s Office of Public Information. Praytor passed away on January 10, 2018 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

United States soldiers pay tribute to the 8 million horses, donkeys and mules who lost their lives during World War I, 1918

Source: Reddit

Men and women are not the only soldiers who honorably serve their countries in times of war. There is a rich history of animals serving in various wings of the army and even winning awards and high positions in their specific branches. Dogs, cats and even bears gave their lives for their country.

In the early 20th century, this group of soldiers posed in honor of the warhorses who gave their lives during World War I. The first Great War was the last war in which horses were used so liberally, but animals continued to play an important role in the world’s armed forces.